5500 m3/day Wastewater Treatment Plant at Nestle Sheikhupura.

This is 5500 m3/day dairy wastewater treatment plant design on Oxidation Ditch process. The previous WWTP at Nestle Sheikhupura was undersized and was not able to handle the increased capacity of wastewater, so it was completely demolished. The contract was awarded to 3W Systems and only 1 year was given as deadline for completion of project starting from scratch. The deadline was met and plant was operational within one year.  This WWTP is the most sophisticated plant in Pakistan and is controlled through SCADA system. Complete programming of SCADA was done by our own experts. The plant is capable to handle upto 4500 mg/L influent COD. The treated effluent after secondary clarifier reaches around COD < 40 mg/L. Moreover, almost 25% of the secondary treated wastewater is passed through an Ultra Filtration Membrane System for further treatment. This water has COD < 2 mg/L and TSS < 5 mg/L. This water is used for cooling tower applications within the process plant in the factory.