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During the past decade 3W Systems and its sister companies have successfully completed a vast range of projects. Our team of engineers is trained thoroughly before they are assigned any projects thereby making sure that the projects are executed to perfection. 

Wastewater Treatment Projects

  1. 60 m3/day Package type Wastewater treatment plant for United Detergent (Unilever), Sheikhupura
  2. 421 m3/day Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant, Water supply Network, Sewerage Network and Waste Management System for Fauji Fresh n Freeze , Sahiwal
  3. 5500 m3/day Wastewater treatment Plant for Nestle Sheikhupura.
  4. 6000 m3/day Wastewater treatment Plant with Rapid Ultra Sand Filtration unit for Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad
  5. 80 m3/Day Package Type WWTP for Metro Cash & Carry Lahore, Faisalabad, Karachi, Islamabad
  6. 300 m3/Day Package Type WWTP for Quaid-E-Azam Hospital Complex Islamabad
  7. 380 m3/Day Package Type WWTP for Minawa Construction
  8. 200 m3/Day Package Type WWTP for Paradise Valley Housing Project
  9. Extension of Wastewater Treatment Plant of Nestle Kabirwala
  10. Design review and top supervision of wastewater treatment plant of 2 MGD capacity for Defense Housing Authority,  Karachi
  11. Treatabiity studies of RO Reject water Nestle bottling plant, Karachi
  12. Designing and installation electrical and mechanical systems of 20,000 m3/day wastewater treatment plant for Mirpur New City

Water Treatment and Supply Projects

  1. Mechanical & Electrical installations of 2 water treatment plants each of 4 MGD at Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir.
  2. Design review of Water and Wastewater (Sewerage) collection system for DHA, Islamabad.
  3. Rain Water Harvesting for Walls Unilever.
  4. Dewatering operation of Taunsa Barrage for Descon Engineering Limited.
  5. Water Supply Project for Engro Dharki, Sindh.
  6. Design Review of water and wastewater collection system for Tariq Gardens Lahore.
  7. Design review of water supply and sewerage network for Alhamra Hills and Avenue Project Islamabad.
  8. Designing of urban water supply, Construction of Al Ghaidah Water Supply, wastewater Disposal and Treatment Facility for Ministry of Yemen.
  9. Designing water treatment plant for 20, 20, 162 and 254 MGD – Jabba, Bara, Warsak and Munda Dam for Peshawar Development Authority
  10. Supply and Installation of pumps for Tarbela Power Station for WAPDA.
  11. Design review of water treatment plant at prefeasibility stage of 400 MGD for CDA, Islamabad.
  12. Supply & Installation of 280 Booster Pumping System for Canyon View Villas, Islamabad for EMAAR, Pakistan.

Fire Detection & Suppression Projects

  1. EPC Job-Fire Detection & Suppression System for Interloop, Faisalabad
  2. EPC Job-Fire Detection & Suppression System for  NESCOM Complex, Islamabad
  3. Fire Detection & Suppression System for Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital, Islamabad
  4. Fire Detection & Suppression System for Canteen Super Store (CSD), Rawalpindi & Sialkot
  5. Fire Detection & Suppression System for Amson Pharmaceuticals
  6. Fire Detection System for National Defense Complex (NDC), Islamabad
  7. Fire Detection System for PMO, Islamabad
  8. Fire Detection System for Kahuta Research Laboratories (KRL), Islamabad
  9. Fire Detection System for Defense Science & Technology Organization (DESTO), Islamabad
  10. Fire Detection & Suppression System for Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC), Islamabad
  11. Fire Suppression System for Fatima Fertilizer Pakistan